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Latvia inspectorate of data. In the State Inspectorate of Data, the Republic of Latvia, the Fenikss casino is registered as a person who handles personal information. This process is done with the requirements of the regulatory documents. The goal of working with personal source is to provide gamers with virtual gaming services.

The operator undertakes to work with the personal information of the players in accordance with the main objective of the above and the amount necessary to do so. Having, using and viewing the content on this portal, you must be informed and automatically agree to the fact that personal overview will be processed.

Full protection of all material received from users is done in interactive and logical ways. Provide sufficient protection against external influences on information through special software, passwords, or encryption.

All personal help is used for these needs:

  • To find out if the gamer has reached the age of majority;
  • To share and show all portal services
  • The site must fully meet all its obligations to clients;
  • To talk about new and restored;
  • Summarize the number of crimes and money schemes.

Never will the company give third parties data about the visitors to the virtual gaming institution. The exception is the single cases provided for in the normative acts. The operator is entitled to transfer overview to its partners, affiliated enterprises, to provide services in the gaming sphere.

Taking all necessary measures to protect the help of people attending a virtual gaming facility. Visitors can be sure that their completed questionnaires are completely closed from outsiders.

Allow players to opt out of e-mail or text messages about the game portal news and updates. At any time, a visitor can complete the necessary overview in his account.

We have every right to change the rules and conditions of privacy policy.

Updated: 23.11.2021

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