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These rules are the legal link between the user and our virtual establishment. By reading these provisions, the visitor agrees to do so. The administration of the gaming centre may unilaterally change, cancel or supplement the conditions. We'll notify the client via text or e-mail.

Application of legislation

  • These provisions apply to content and services on our Internet portal. Also involved in chatting with chat gamers, forum comments, e-mail, or text messages, winnings.
  • The user agrees with the rules and undertakes to do so when the registration process ends and clicks on the-I accept the rules.
  • When you cancel one of the provisions, it does not affect the credibility of the others, but they remain in effect.
  • It is not permitted to transfer to you our requirements and obligations to third parties.
  • State regulations regulate the legal relations between the parties, their validity and termination.

Overview of services

  • The gamers on our portal are free to gamble.
  • We want to inform you that all content is involved in luck. If you make a bet, you get the chance to win, which depends on neprognozirovannyh reasons. The casino can never influence this moment, because combinations are determined by the random number generator.
  • The portal is available on the network on the personal computer interface and the mobile phone.
  • We have every right to limit access to a resource to a client if it does not comply or violate the rules.

Main requirements

  • To spend time on this site and use content, the player must complete the registration process and fill in the fields with information about themselves.
  • The administration is not obliged to register and stay in a virtual gaming institution.
  • After reading the rules, the player agrees that he:
    • is competent;
    • acts only on its own behalf;
    • unable to make sums earned in fraudulent or fraudulent ways;
    • will not re-register and create a deposit;
    • do not rearrange the personal cabinet again to introduce the new user;
    • does not buy or sell an account with an active debit from another player.
  • People who have reached the age of majority can use game content. The casino has the right to demand proof of identity and age.
  • Members of the site and their families are prohibited from playing.
  • All the gambling on the resource is built with the latest technology. We can't provide the perfect performance on your PC, but we'll try to fix the problem.

Intellectual Property

  • The entire content of the site is fully owned by casinos. Customers have to admit it. They're free to use it for their own interests and no more.
  • All of the photos, comments, pictures, and messages that are displayed on the page may be used by us. The gamers should not resist it.

Create an Account

  • An account is considered to be open when a person is fully registered. This facture is used at the same time for download on a personal computer and for a mobile version.
  • Reserve the right to verify the information and to request that the relevant documents be provided. If you have any doubts, you'll refuse to stay here.
  • The visitor agrees to notify you of changes in first name, last name, address, e-mail, credit card, or the last completed overview.
  • In rare but legitimate cases, you can close access or block the entry to the content.

Protecting your personal information

  • Process Visitors inquiries in compliance with regulations.
  • You don't mind us processing this data. This is to provide the full range of our services. All of this is likely to be used even after the account has been removed, if regulations so require.
  • Entitled to transfer to overview partners and enterprises that are relevant to our activities.
  • At any time, if you want, delete the questionnaires unhindered. Only if this is not required for trial.

Our responsibility

  • If the rooma have suffered losses, we agree to fully reimburse them and be held responsible.
  • There is no obligation to provide an uninterrupted entertainment experience from a resource if you are having trouble with an Internet connection.
  • It is wrong to use a deposit and to get losses, we do not have to compensate for the loss.
  • If you want, make a complaint through communication with the support service. Write to the email address or call the phone number of the hot line. All comments will be worked on. You'll get a quick answer.

Updated: 03.11.2023

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