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Fenikss Casino adheres to all the canons of responsible gaming, as it is important to distinguish between real stakes as a form of entertainment and excessive hobbyism, which eventually becomes dangerous to one's psychological state and financial well-being.

Rules of control

To keep casinos as much fun as possible, and not as a way to make money, it's important to wager within your financial means. Besides, it is worth remembering that an excessive fad may turn into an addiction. So, staying in a gambling house, it is advisable to observe the following measures:

  • Before a gambling session, determine your bankroll - the amount you are willing to spend, regardless of winnings. Once the set limit has been used up, it is worth leaving the club.
  • Never gamble with borrowed money.
  • Once you lose, you should never give in to the overwhelming urge to win back.
  • Don't go to a gambling house to escape from life's problems, because it is a way of having fun, not a way to make money or solve immediate problems.
  • It's worth setting a time limit in advance to stay at an online casino.
  • If gambling becomes more and more addictive from day to day, it is worth "imposing" a ban on it for a while and, if necessary, asking for help.

It is also worth noting that playing responsibly implies that the player assumes responsibility for all win/losses and determines when to interrupt the gaming process.

Terms of use of a personal account

An equally crucial criterion for how responsibly you play is how you use your personal account. For example, in the Fenikss Casino only adult users may register, as stated in the Terms and Conditions. If you are under the age of 18 but wish to register and become a customer, we consider this to be an infringement and we reserve the right to contact the appropriate authorities.

If you are accessing the computer you are playing on, you should consider the following advice:

  • Install a special program, such as Cyberpatrol, Netnanny or Icra, which will allow you to restrict children's access to certain sites, including Fenikss Casino.
  • Do not use the login and password memorisation option to save your login details to our club.
  • Do not give credit card or other payment information to children.

Protect minors by doing so, since access to the casino is only permitted from the age of 18.

So, Fenikss is fully committed to playing responsibly and encourages all its customers to do the same!

Updated: 23.11.2021

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